Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Printed News Paper Classifieds to Online classifieds

Some time ago, each and every news paper published the day to day classifieds advertisements in their daily editions. No one can confirm how many of these ads been seen by the readers.  There is no surety that the Ads are reaching the intended audience. This trends of publishing printed classifieds are gone now. Many publishing houses started their own online classifieds to publish the advertisements and provide more reports to the advertisers such as Number of Visitors viewed the ads, the number of interested people communicated to the advertiser and number of people shown interest in the future they will communicate and so on.

Publishing an online classifieds website is an easy job now. One IT professional with the knowledge of domain registration and hosting services can launch a classifieds website. The cost for launching such website is going to be not more than some thousand rupees. But he has to invest his knowledge in it to develop the website for a long time.

http://r4sales.com online classifieds is one of such website. The difficult part of this business is promoting the website. That is, to increase the number of visitors to the site to a very high number, one can succeed in this endeavor.

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