Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Room for rent in Dubai - Best Place to Search

As everyday visitors and tourists deluged to Dubai for sightseeing and searching for jobs, there are continuous requirements for Rooms for rent in Dubai as well as sharing bed spaces in Dubai. The better places for the searching of rooms for rent is the Online classifieds offering advertisement for rental spaces.

One of the best classifieds to search Room for rent in Dubai is https://www.dubaiclassified.com/ads

Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Printed News Paper Classifieds to Online classifieds

Some time ago, each and every news paper published the day to day classifieds advertisements in their daily editions. No one can confirm how many of these ads been seen by the readers.  There is no surety that the Ads are reaching the intended audience. This trends of publishing printed classifieds are gone now. Many publishing houses started their own online classifieds to publish the advertisements and provide more reports to the advertisers such as Number of Visitors viewed the ads, the number of interested people communicated to the advertiser and number of people shown interest in the future they will communicate and so on.

Publishing an online classifieds website is an easy job now. One IT professional with the knowledge of domain registration and hosting services can launch a classifieds website. The cost for launching such website is going to be not more than some thousand rupees. But he has to invest his knowledge in it to develop the website for a long time.

http://r4sales.com online classifieds is one of such website. The difficult part of this business is promoting the website. That is, to increase the number of visitors to the site to a very high number, one can succeed in this endeavor.

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Monday, August 8, 2016

Dubai jobs - Tips and Tricks

There are hundreds of aspirants visiting Dubai every day looking for the job. Many of these job seekers are highly educated and well experienced in their respective domain. They are not adequately guided by the experienced hands to achieve their targets. The tips and tricks required to follow in the process of job seeking are not that cumbersome.

Many of these aspirants do not know where to approach for the vacancies at first. It is because of the mercurial advertising industry often changing from one form to another in a very short span of time.

In the last decade, 'Gulf News classified' was a primary source of the listing of job vacancies all over UAE. In the advent of increased presence of exclusive job portals, Gulf News has lost its primacy in this field. These portals took over the entire industry and left nothing to the print media in this regards.

Below are the some of the tips and tricks the jobs seekers required to follow in achieving their goal.

1. Prepare your resume to cater the needs of the employer rather than the mere declaration of your skills.

2. Do minor changes in your skill sets which equate the requirement of the advertiser and make it visible to the first look

3. Get selected for an interview must be your primary goal. Do not declare any false information in order get enrolled to interview stage.

4. Jobs Classifieds, Job Portals, Top employer's website career pages are the source of job listings.

5. Advertise in major job classifieds that you are looking for the job providing your skillset, experience, and the full resume.

6. Keep sending your resume to different companies even though their requirements are partially matching your skillset.

Happy job searching
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Friday, August 5, 2016

How to advertise in an online classifieds

What do you think? Is it such a complex matter to know how to advertise in an online classifieds? If you ask me, I vehemently hope so. It is because many Ad posters just simply treat an online advertising is beginning at the posting of the ad and ending after click submits, it looks like a simple process. But truly it is not.

The purpose of advertising is to reach as many as people we think are the potential market to achieve the target (either sales or services). By simply posting a single AD and sitting back in the chair leisurely  waiting for any response is a naive and foolish task. No one is going to reach that ad at very first instant.

I am running a classifieds website for many years. I know this attitude of the users. What is the right way to advertise?

1. Post as many ads as possible of the same matter and do not duplicate the ad content. It should be different wordings and vocabulary.

2. Post your ads on the different interval for some days and use phrases what usually your potential market will search for the product or service.

3. Do not delete and post new ads every time. You have to leave your old posts as it is as it will gain a popularity in the search engines when getting old.

4. Edit your old ads if you have any specific date periods in the ads and make it look perpetual if your ads require more time for the response. because the visitor may think your ads expired you might have sold a thing so and so...

5. Do not post Junk or spam ads. It means posting a number of ads of the same matter continuously which will irritate the moderator of the site. he may delete all your ads. So, you are going to be looser of time spent on this act.

good luck and keep on advertising in classifieds. Some of the classifieds you can post your ads on a regular basis.

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R4sales.com Review

A clean review can help users always to decide whether to trust a website or not. While posting advertisements in classifieds, the users must have taken certain precautions and proactive decisions to what to post and what not. They must also take into consideration whether that site can take their advertisements  to masses.

The precautions are concerned

1. Do they compel to register as a user on the site? If so, you have to register and save some private information on the site. This sometimes creates a privacy concern of your email id and passwords. R4sales.com does not require a log on before posting any advertisements. So, that you don't have to  keep a permanent record on the site. Just post your ad with communication detail and forget it.

2. Nowadays the classifieds sites are not a high traffic driven ones. They receive a hand full of junk and spam ad posters on a regular basis. This does not help the advertiser to get his ad reached to his potential customers. So, if you really consider a website as a best classifieds site it should have a good SEO score and a ranking to get crawled by the search engine on a short interval of time. Google is the only giant search engine every user landing to find his requirement, it is very important to have the classifieds site friendly to google's requirements.

R4sales.com is an SEO friendly and the ads posted to this site are instantaneously crawled by google bots.

3.  Is there a mechanism in place to weed out the sea of junk posts in that classifieds? It is very important to post your ads in a moderated website where the junk and spam filters are on. Otherwise, the search engine will not care to crawl those sites.

R4sales.com is a moderated website. the junk and spam ads are removed by a comprehensive mechanism and also each and every ad is monitored by human moderators.

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Thursday, August 4, 2016

Survival of online classifieds

Online classifieds are the easiest form of e-commerce websites that anyone can establish without a much investment and hard work. Anyone without a modicum of web programming knowledge or IT background can run an online classifieds without a big hassle.  If you look at the structure of  the online classifieds, It has undergone vast changes from its origin.

Classifieds are usually one line advertisements in the print media on a day to day basis.  It becomes molded to multi-paragraph ads with searchable particulars, images, videos and documents attached to it. Craigslist was the first online classifieds which used the internet to publish the advertisements posted by the users.  The online classifieds were posted instantaneously whenever the user wanted to advertise his product or service instead of every day early morning prints.

Last two decades have completely changed this industry. It has grown multifold. Hundreds of thousands of websites offering online classifieds.
In the early stage, the online classifieds tend to monetize their traffic, by charging for the placement of the advertisements. But after a stiff competition, they realized that they can not survive with paid advertisements. The users tend to move away from the paid advertisements to the free ads service rendered by many.

In the advent of google's culmination as a master search engine, the purpose of the classifieds become void and every requirement was searched in the search engine itself. Google perhaps pointed to the result of such search to a particular classifieds website. This approach again encouraged the classifieds website to maneuver themselves to a google friendly to find a particular advertisement from it. This phenomenon was later called as Search Engine optimization.

In this history of evolution, the online classifieds followed a survival mechanism of posting paid advertisements to their sites which are directly proportionate to the number of visitors that website is attracting every day. If the traffic is more, that site can earn more money by advertising for their potential clients apart from the free classifieds. These paid advertisements also can be received from big ad management companies. The leader of such ad management is Adsense owned by google itself.

Some of the online classifieds

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Sunday, January 3, 2016

Information Technology Jobs in Dubai

There are lots of IT aspirants visiting UAE every day aiming for a better job in the Information Technology industry. Many have completed their Engineering in Computer Sciences, Masters in Computer Applications, Master in Software Technologies, Bachelor degrees in Computer science and other Diplomas.

Unlike Indian industry, the IT in UAE is too small because of the higher cost involving in delivering IT products. In order to cope up with the cost, and aiming for a better margin, the IT companies keep their development centers in third world countries such as India, Egypt, Pakistan etc..

Few jobs here and there in the IT industry are from the bigger corporate companies who's involving in in-house software development and are recruiting employees through a process of management consultants and manpower supply companies.

The Systems admin and networking services is the major area where lots of works involving in UAE. But the job in these fields are concerned it is very difficult to get a vacancy in any company. Because, the System Administrators of a company usually works many years without any change in position and change in company. This create a saturation point where there will not be any new opening for the new comers.

In my experience, i have seen Systems Admins who are working more than ten years in the same company because there are no other option to a shift from this job. Compared to other jobs such as Accounts, there are plenty of job opportunity and shifting from companies to companies are happening every day.

Visit the following website to get the recent openings in jobs

Dubai IT jobs  - www.dubaiclassified.com

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